Hello everyone! The Simple Life Podcast is back with a fourth episode. In this episode, I talk about some strategies I learnt recently at a Buddhist workshop on letting go of anger and resentment towards others. You can listen here on Anchor or subscribe in the Anchor app, which is available free in the Apple and Android app stores. You can also subscribe to my channel here in iTunes. Thank you for listening!

My sincere apologies for the strange sounds that crop up in the background throughout this episode. I am not sure what was going on there as I didn’t record the episode any differently to previous ones, but hopefully I can avoid this in the future as it certainly isn’t pleasant for listeners.



  1. I’ve been meaning to search/listen to your podcast and today I made time to go back and listen. I really like it! I typically listen to podcasts on iTunes, not on a laptop. So I was happy I could find it that way.

    I really like your voice, by the way. So I appreciate the content and wish you the best of luck on the journey. I was told by someone that the best way to get followers to a podcast is to publish on a regular cadence, whether it is weekly or every other week or whatever frequency works for you. Given that I listened to your podcast on perfectionism, I like the idea of putting it out there and then “letting it go” out into the world with the mindset good is better than perfect, and done is better than good.

    Nice work! I applaud the courage in putting it out there. I like podcasts that are short and sweet, personally. Most of them are way too long. I like audio books a lot and often listen to those as well. Sometimes a real human voice can convey so much more than just written text, though I love that is well.

    Take care & keep sharing your wisdom. I enjoy reading (and listening to) your insights.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It has absolutely made my day!

      So glad to hear that you like being able to listen on iTunes. That’s my preferred way to listen to all my favourite podcasts, too – it’s just so much more convenient! And I am with you on the short podcasts. There are quite a few I enjoy that tend to be super long (30 mins or even more!) and I find myself being much more drawn to shorter ones when I am looking for something new to listen to. My first episode was a bit longer, but my aim is for episodes to stay within five to ten minutes. It makes them more ‘listenable’ to subscribers, but also easier for me to record as the recording process is straightforward and feels more natural if I’m not drawing things out too much.

      I really appreciate your advice on publishing regularly. It seems so far I’ve just been publishing whenever I make an episode, but it makes more sense for listeners to know when episodes will be published. I will need to think about this for the future!

      Thank you again for your very lovely comment, praise and encouragement. It means so much!💕

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  2. I think you make a great point that just because we’re feeling anger towards a person, doesn’t mean they intended to make us angry, or that they always have. This came at the perfect time for me and reminded me that a lifetime of friendship with someone isn’t worth throwing away because they made me angry, or spoke ill one time.
    It’s hard to address these angry feelings in a productive way, because often when I look closely, I’m the one that has a problem. They were simply offering advice/doing their job/trying to help and I took it the wrong way. Admitting our own shortcomings has always been a bit more difficult than pointing out a flaw in someone else!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

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    1. Hi Steph! Thank you for listening and I’m so pleased you were able to get something out of this episode. Isn’t it nice when something comes along at the right time? 🙂 That happens to me ALL the time when reading other blogs; it’s uncanny. I couldn’t agree more that it’s hard to address our angry feelings in a productive way. I’ve struggled and struggled with that, and am now finally coming to a place where I can deal with them. You are so right; admitting our own shortcomings is so often a key element in gaining perspective when we’re angry with someone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Steph!

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  3. Hi Lisa, thank you for another lovely podcast with some great insights and sound advice. I like the way that you’ve presented letting go as a whole process, with different steps and stages. Your own honesty is so refreshing and helpful (I liked the way you added ‘poor lady!’). I find your voice very soothing! I thoroughly enjoyed this, Lxxx


    1. You are very sweet, Lorraine – thank you for the very kind feedback, as always! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the episode’s content and liked the way it was presented. I haven’t ever been told that I have a soothing voice, so I’m absolutely flattered, by the way! xx

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    1. Thank you so much, Cathie! So glad to hear this was something that really spoke to you, and I really appreciate your support. Hell yes, ‘so darn hard’ is a VERY apt description of letting go, and I really agree, it’s life-changing. 🙂


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