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Well, it has been a few weeks now since our wedding here at home, and I’m a little later than I would have hoped in posting about our second wedding, but better late than never!

Our first wedding was in France at the beginning of July, in the small village where my husband grew up and where his family still lives. We’re talking cobblestone streets, flowers in every windowsill and walking around with a baguette in your hand. Literally. Our second wedding here in Brisbane was therefore quite different, being much more urban of course, but also simpler and smaller. We decided to have an intimate ceremony at the registry, which just happens to be on the 32nd floor of a highrise in the CBD and to have the most stunning view ever!

The view from the ceremony room
Roma Street train station and Roma Street Parklands

We were very impressed with the registry office, given that in theory it’s the ‘cheap and cheerful’ way of getting hitched. On the contrary, it was very sleek and modern, featuring wonderfully minimalist decor, which for obvious reasons really impressed us! The bathrooms featured more stunning views of the city, marble counters and schmancy Japanese toilets (unfortunately I didn’t have time to try the ‘rear cleanse’). There was even a nuptial-themed light on the ceiling of the waiting area. We were sold!


The ceremony was quick, but wonderful. We exchanged rings (meaning, we took them off and put them on again) and got all teary…again…


After the ceremony we took our guests for a lovely long brunch at a café not far from the registry, then we headed to the botanical gardens where my Mum took a few shots of us among the greenery. The whole thing was very relaxed!

As for my outfit, everything was either secondhand or from my closet. My dress I bought new several years ago without ever imagining I would be getting married in it! A local florist also put together a wonderful bouquet to go with the dress. I added a pair of wedges and a black coat on top for those chillier moments, both purchased secondhand earlier this year, and a few simple pieces of my favourite jewellery. Hubby’s outfit also fit the nothing new criteria, as he wore his (only) suit and a work shirt and tie.


View of the Story Bridge and Brisbane River from the Botanical Gardens

After the ceremony we spent the rest of the day at home, lounging around and eating leftovers for dinner followed by ice cream! Now we are well and truly back to reality after all our travel and wedding mania (and I’ve quit sugar so no more ice cream!) but I’ll always have many lovely memories of both of our wedding days.



  1. Congrats on getting hitched – again! I absolutely love that you wore a non-traditional dress- it was so pretty! That’s so cool that the city hall ceremony space was minimalist and modern. My mom got remarried at a city hall here in Ontario and it literally looked like a boardroom. Thanks for sharing Lisa! You’ve definitely given me some ideas on how to have a low-key (but still amazing) wedding!


    1. Thank you lovely Brittany! I seem to be making a habit of getting married all the time! Now when I leave on Friday afternoons my colleagues ask if I’ll be getting married again on the weekend 😉 That’s a shame about the boardroom-style ceremony room for your Mum’s wedding (although how exciting for her, by the way!). My guess is that’s the standard in most cities so we were very fortunate to have such a wonderful space!

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