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What’s a girl to do when faced with two (limp) carrots, three (lonely) tomatoes, an (ever-so-slightly mouldy) onion and some (ancient) garlic?


Make pasta sauce, of course!


But first, a bit of background. I’ve decided that today I’ll share with you the first of a ‘fridge surprise’ series that I’ll be starting on the blog. I’m a big advocate for not following recipes as well as reducing food waste (as I discussed in this post on adopting a minimalist cooking routine), so I’ll be sharing some random creations here on the blog that I come up with using the detritus of my fridge and pantry. All this will be in the hope of inspiring others to do the same, and – realistically – in the hope that I’ll come up with something more or less edible… 😅 Let the glorified leftovers fest begin!

So, I’m pleased to report that today’s fridge surprise was a fantastic success! Carrots and pasta sauce are not something that I generally associate with one another. A bit of grated carrot in some spaghetti bolognese as the token hidden vegetable? Sure! Entire puréed carrots poured all over pasta? Weird, but delicious.

So, to make this sauce I  chopped up all the vegies (2 carrots, 3 tomatoes, 1 onion and 3 cloves of garlic), sautéed the onion and garlic together in olive oil until soft, then added the carrots and tomatoes and continued to cook until the tomatoes broke down and the mixture became very soft. At this point I was kind of stumped but then realised I had some cream on hand (having a French hubby-to-be will enamour anyone to the delights of cooking with cream, guaranteed!), which thankfully saved the day. So I added about 200mL of cream, and a dash of worcestershire sauce and smoked paprika for an extra hit of flavour, then gently simmered the mixture for about 20 minutes, stirring every once in a while, until it had thickened considerably. I then just whizzed it all up with my stainless steel stick blender and voilà!

I cooked up some gluten-free macaroni to go with the sauce, and sprinkled with chopped toasted walnuts to serve. Amazingly, it was great! The crunchy walnuts contrasted well with the rich, creamy flavour of the sauce, and I was impressed by the vibrant orange colour that the combination of carrots and tomatoes had produced.

The verdict? 10/10 would let my carrots go limp so I can make this one again!


Moral to the story: just about anything tastes good when cooked in cream 😉

Are you a fan of the fridge surprise? Are there any interesting creations you’ve made that you would care to share?



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